I’m still his mom
March 24, 2018
days and nights are much longer
June 25, 2018

It would have been Jasten’s 28th birthday, today. We have found a Loblolly seedling to plant at his plot since the seed has not shown signs of life yet. It’s perfect, as bittersweet as this is. Even his little baby tree trunk is a little crooked, which is symbolic because Jas had scoliosis. This “Pineas Taeda” will someday reach as much as 90 ft tall. An evergreen that is not only sturdy and has a long, long life, but it thrives in the area, so it will likely outlive us all. Evergreen, everlasting, ever-loving. — with Anya Adams and Jas Adams at Dust to Dust Green Burial Cemetery.


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