about the artist

Every child is an artist. The problem is
how to remain an artist once we grow up.
―Pablo Picasso


Mia Adams

Creatively, she's inspired by the intrigue she has for the realms of fantasy, Greek mythology, astrology and the mystical world. She admires the works of artists like Alphonse Mucha and Boris Vallejo - respecting their talent and often finding inspiration in their successes within the industry. Maxfield Parrish's work has always been inspiring to her as well...and of course, her high regard for the true greats of all time, like Renoir, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and DaVinci. As an artist of today, Mia is an old soul with a new spirit. Among other things, a very good friend of hers, an extremely skilled and immensely talented fantasy illustrator, Jacques Bredy, had invoked her to follow her passion along with her mother's constant persuasion and inspiration. As Mia has said "My mother's art literally takes my breath away." She has the utmost respect for both of them as Artists, not only because of their dedication to their work, but the quality of the results is such an inspiration to her as a fellow Artist. Thanks to these incredible influences in her life, she finally began to follow her heart. Creating visually pleasing work had always been her deepest passion.

Mia has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She had her first little easel before kindergarten, placed right alongside her mother's, as she would paint with mom in the early to mid 70's when her mother was a Commercial Artist painting on velvet canvases to express herself and contribute to the household. Mia will never forget Barbara's painting of a Siberian Tiger on Black Velvet...she is pretty sure that is what stirred up her obsession with Big Cats! With her mother being an incredibly talented artist, herself, Mia has had creative influence since she was in the womb! She wasn't "born with a silver spoon in her mouth"; she was "born with a palette and paintbrush"! Mia watched her mother as she plugged through the industry upon her mom's taking up work as a Graphic Designer while she did commissioned works from home when time allowed...now her mother is doing her own thing. Mia can tell you that everything her mom does inspires her and always has. She is very grateful to have her mother's genes!

Graphic Design is also embedded within her history, on her father’s side - as her paternal great grandfather, 11 times removed, Hans K. Froschauer, the first of her paternal ancestry to come to America in 1732, from Germany, was a direct descendant to the nephew of Christoph Froschauer, who left his print shop to his sister’s son, also Christoph (the younger). His print shop was the first in Zurich, Switzerland, in the 1500’s. The Froschauer family emigrated to Rheinland-Pfalz, in the 1600’s, and eventually scattered across the U.K. and onto the Americas. Ironically, one of Mia’s cousins, native to Germany, who is named after Hans, is also a Graphic Designer, as well.

On September 25th, 2017, Mia lost her beloved 27 year old son, Jasten Devon Adams, to suicide. Since this devastating tragedy, in addition to her eternally broken heart, her creative spirit took a huge hit. It was the anniversary of the first year after his final sunset that inspired her to create a commemorative design to put on apparel, to honor his life and raise awareness about suicide. This creation was an outpouring of creative energy for her after nearly a year of a complete creative block. This made it possible for her to create this shop. You can find the commemorative designs in the Exclusive category of her shop. Mia also agreed to take on the opportunity to create designs for other survivor parents and did a beautiful design for Helen Sullivan, to commemorate her beloved son Dominic Fazer Sullivan who also died by suicide in 2016 and remains 17 forever. Mia does this for no profit. She sells the items in her shop, but the cost is not marked up from the vendor price, as her intent is purely to honour the victims of suicide. Today, she also includes additional designs that raise awareness of suicide with the intent to lead toward prevention and donates 50% of her profits on those items to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Project Semicolon. You can find these items in the Stop Suicide category.

Inspirations from the great masters
combined with cutting edge technical skills
and an intrigue for the realms of fantasy.