our first thanksgiving without him
November 23, 2017
first xmas eve without Jas
December 24, 2017


The Winter Solstice comes this evening and I am reflecting on your life and the beautiful time that you blessed mine with your existence. 27 years worth wasn’t all we’d expected, though... we all feel cheated, really. We all miss you. We all wish you were still here to live out your dreams so that we could watch you explore what life you should have had. I am grateful, however, that it was I who got to be your mama. No one else on earth had been granted such a valuable gift. I love you so much, Jasten. There’s a hole in my life without you here. I know I have to carry on and I will, because your baby sister needs me, but I will never be the same without you, kiddo. You were always my rock and you are my first rose. Eternally and unconditionally, my first true love. 💙.


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