magnum opus

the textbook definition
From Latin magnum opus (“great work”).[1]

(Latin) IPA(key): /ˌmaŋnũː ˈopus/

magnum opus (plural magna opera or magnum opuses or magnum opi)
1. A great or important work of literature, music or art, a masterpiece.
2. The best, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an author or artist, representing their major life effort.

magnum opus

what it means to Authentic Notions

The items added to this collection are that of which Mia takes the most pride in. Most are from her traditional art that she has converted for digital use or digital art that she has created from scratch. Her most clever and quirky quotes can be found here, as well as Bad Kitty, Goth Unicorn, and The Protector of Hopes and Dreams. This category is full of a variety of items but it is is a singular, organic piece of work of its own, as it is constantly growing and changing as Mia challenges herself and comes up with new items for it. This selection is one to watch for the most unique art and the most original items that you can find even on this site, already comprised of the unique and original.

"The greatest work of the artist."