Walk a Mile in His Shoes

We lost a great human to #suicide, on September 25th, 2017… my son, Jasten Devon AdamsI know that he didn’t want to die, he only wanted to end his pain. He loved a young woman too hard who wasn’t deserving of his love and she broke his heart in a way that he could not endure.

He was an organ/eye/tissue donor and his sacrifice saved 7 lives and provided sight to a blind person. Knowing that pieces of him are keeping 7 humans alive and also brought sight back to a blind person, does make me feel like there are sparkles of his spirit here, on earth, living on… and in a spiritual way, he can live on and have more life than he ever had in his 27 years. My baby really died a #hero.

I miss him every minute of every hour of every day. Nothing has ever hurt like this, and the pain doesn’t subside, even when I try to put his heroism into perspective. He is my baby. I love him forever and he will be in my heart, always. His sister and I want to give him the memorial he deserves, so we are trying to raise money to do so.

With my brother’s inspiration, we are presenting this campaign here, called  #WalkAMileInHisShoes by selling some of his ‘fly kicks’ that he took really good care of, in order to raise money toward his memorial fund. We have expenses we cannot afford as we live in a constant struggle and it has been a very difficult year for us. Jas was living with us while he tried to get on his feet and any of you who really knew him, you’d know he really didn’t have much. He slept on a futon, in my living room. He was working hard and doing his best to get his life together though…. he’s had it tough. Jas had a big heart and he’d give you his last. Thus the concept of this campaign.

We also added #TheShirtOffHisBack because my baby had a unique flair for fashion and took pretty good care for his clothing and he would GIVE YOU the shirt off his back, if you needed it! Maybe you don’t want to wear these items, maybe you just want them to have a little piece of Jasten… or maybe you DO want to wear them… it’s all on you. This way you can donate and get a little something for your contribution as a keepsake. We will have to charge shipping for any out-of-state orders that require delivery, but anyone who’d like to order something and will be here for the memorial service on the 15th, I can hold your item(s) and deliver to you, in person, without any shipping charges.

If you don’t wish to purchase anything, but want to help with the memorial fund, a “Go Fund Me” page has been set up or you can donate direct, through “PayPal friends and Family,” without and fees being deducted from your donation. Click on either icon, below, to do so. 



Thank you for your kindness, love, and support.

#KeepTheHopeFlow4Life  #OrganDonor  #AlwaysKeepFighting #SuicideAwareness